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What Were the Biggest Health Stories of 2018?


What Were the Biggest Health Stories of 2018?
So, where does the nation stand in terms of its health as 2018 comes to an end?

It seems to be a mixed bag.

It was a long, 12-month road to get here as health-related news cut across a wide variety of topics in 2018.

There were significant research developments in the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases, most notably cancer and diabetes.

The flu was in the news, ranging from concerns over the strength of the 2018 flu to preparations for this fall’s vaccine for the 2019 season.

The opioid epidemic, our top story from 2017, remained a major area of concern.

In addition, there was a lot of action surrounding both e-cigarettes and the growing use of cannabis-related products.

The nation also saw a flood of new health apps, providing information on everything from birth control to heart attacks.

However, the theme that cut across many of these fields was the effects they had on women.

In a year of the #MeToo movement and women being elected to state and congressional offices, the topic of women’s health was front and center.

The issues ranged from cancer to pregnancy to mammograms to diet.

In all, women’s health dominated much of this year’s medical news and stood out as our top subject of 2018.


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